JMike! for Mayor

Frequent Asked Questions and Answers

  1. Why are you running for mayor?

    I am running because I believe Santa Barbara needs a Change. We have tried it the same way for many many years and its not working. We have 15 year olds and 14 year olds dying in the streets of Santa Barbara. We have a school system that is under budget and we have a great deal of schools in Santa Barbara on the verge of being closed. We have a lot of young people without education. We have a city where the size of a building specifically “how tall we build it” is more important than our kids. We have a Latino community that is under represented. We have community members that live and work in SB that cannot afford to live in Santa Barbara and cannot afford health care so I believe if I become mayor, my duty is to try as hard as I can to change these things and improve the life of all Santa Barbarans.

  2. What are your qualifications for the position?

    I have been in Santa Barbara all my life. I know the issues that most Santa Barbarans face. I have been very wealthy and I have been very poor. I have seen the good times and the bad times the same as anyone here in Santa Barbare who believes and works hard. I believe that SB should be a place for everyone of every race, every color and every creed.

    My unique qualifications are that I know from my experience living in Santa Barbara all my life, what Sb needs. I know the struggles with education. I know the struggles with housing. I know the struggles with the budget cuts that California is facing and I believe with a good plan, technology and my understanding of Santa Barbara itself, I can put this beautiful place back on the right track to success!

    I have worked in a very small company, with a very small budget and I have been able to manage our finances, our resources and make Let’s Cram a very competitive company.

    My personal experience with life, growing up in Santa Barbara and knowing the issues that all Santa Barbarans face, qualifies me to be Mayor of Santa Barbara, of this beautiful town and its people that I love.

  3. How much money to you intend to raise and spend for your campaign? What percentage of the total do you expect to fund yourself?

    Out of all of the funding that I raise for my campaign, a percentage of my funding will go back to the community via charities. I sit on the Board of Directors of the Unity Shoppe and I continue to support and market nonprofits. My vision is one Santa Barbara, one county for all regardless of religion, race or education.

    I expect to raise about 100K for my campaign and in doing so I will also continue to raise money for all the charities that I support.

    I believe it’s very premature at this moment to speculate on how much money I will spend on my campaign but when I do have those figures I’m sure you’ll be the first to know.

  4. What are the biggest Santa Barbara issues of concern to you?

    The biggest issue in Santa Barbara is the economy. We have a lot of middle class and lower income families that cannot afford health insurance. We have schools on the verge of closing because we do not have a proper body of government that manages the school system and its budget. Our homeless situation is out of hand. I believe that Santa Barbara could do more for the homeless providing them with a proper place to stay, to be treated and to become a productive part of the Santa Barbara society or any society in the United States for that matter. Also, a big thing with me in the past few years is that I’ve noticed a huge gang problem and I believe that as Mayor, I will give the Police Dept and the community the tools to deal with this problem. I believe that education is a big part of dealing with this situation.

  5. Have you ever run for any kind of elected office in the past? What was the outcome?

    I haven’t run for any public office but I did compete very heavily for the marketing director position at, an eLearning company and the result is I now hold that position.

  6. What is your opinion of your two announced opponents in the race, Iya Falcone and Helene Schneider?

    I respect both councilwomen. Both have very strong views and have been serving the community of Santa Barbara County for a very long time and I believe that truly both candidates have given Santa Barbara a special gift of their service. However, I also believe that the times have changed and Santa Barbara needs a new, fresh and young body of government just like this great nation of ours. The time has come for Change! The great US of A has elected its first black President so its time for Santa Barbara to catch up with the times and the trends that are going on around the world!

  7. If elected, what would you do specifically to address the city’s budget challenges, gang violence problems and community discontent over the city’s land-use/building heights policies?

    I believe our budget management needs to be overhauled. I believe we need a new management system in place to review and process the decisions we make with our budgets. As I said before, as Mayor I will give the Santa Barbara Police Department the tools and training to combat the gang problem that we face today. I believe that the Santa Barbara Police Dept needs new technology, new Intel, and new training on how to handle the growing problems that Santa Barbara is facing with gangs. I would implement a new educational program within all neighborhoods deterring young people from joining gangs. For instance, after school programs, improving the relationship with the Boys & Girls Club and its community and also giving teachers and professors the tools they need to educate and teach our young kids the responsibility of how to live in a community and be successful.

    I believe the building heights policy is the least important on my agenda. We have fourteen and fifteen year old kids dying on our streets. We have a growing gang problem, a growing health care problem so the size of a building has the least precedence of the issues I’m willing to tackle. I believe that we should preserve this beautiful land and city of ours. I believe also there is a growing housing problem and Santa Barbarans have been for many many years asking our government to come up with a solution for this. So I do believe that we should fix the housing issue while still preserving the land.