JMike! for Mayor

Controversy swirls around JMike!s mayoral bid!


“The Mayor has nothing to do with our education system. The school district has its own elected body which address education issues the council, mayor don’t its beyond their purview.” — Michel

JMike’s response: I think education is the best platform I can run on because I truly have been able to rise to levels in business and in charity and achieve things that seemed somewhat impossible for my qualifications.

Speckled past

“Justin Slatkin (aka Justin Michael, aka JMike!) cannot and should not be trusted. His apparent charm is a blinding cover for his ability to use and manipulate people, much like his father used to, and his efforts to run for political office will only expose his speckled past and his power ambition.” — Amazing

JMike’s response: Watching my dad fall as a white-collar criminal mastermind, it made me want to give back to the world. I vow to be uncorruptible and not swayed by special interests.

Impending Victory

“Education is key! JMike! will succeed like Arnold with the speed and dexterity of Barack. Thus it is written!” — Conan the Librarian

JMike’s response: I have a lot to learn but that’s almost a bonus because that’s exactly what I do. I’d go in, really explore the issue, put the best people together in a team and really explore how things can be done in a new and better way.

Blocked on Facebook

“Please no. I have this guy blocked on facebook because I kept getting annoying invites. At least 3 a week.” — John

JMike’s response: Facebook is a social networking garden that when leveraged marked was a watershed moment in the Obama campaign. Feel free to block JMike!s profile in your privacy settings if you do not wish to cast your vote for Change

Mass Exodus

“Wow. Mike is a nice guy but I always thought he had some mental issues. If he is my mayor, I’m moving.” — Sam C.

JMike’s response: If at all possible, we at the jmike! for mayor team would appreciate your moving before the November 3rd vote.

Too Much of a Good Thing?

“Where to start when asked to describe a shooting star like Justin? Well it’s simple to knock out the basics like smart, reliable, honest, and focused…but when those traits are combined with an unbelievable passion for life, an insatiable appetite for success, and an uber-professional method of management, you’ve got Justin Michael. His incredible business sense is nothing less than a biological compass he has in his DNA and he is truly one of those people who makes a positive impact wherever he goes and with whomever he meets. In sum, Justin is someone who brings immediate value to any organization and most importantly, raises the level of performance with those that he works around. As a friend and former supervisor to Justin, he is someone I hold in the highest regard both professionally and personally.” — On The Money

JMike’s response: I want to thank my mentor and supervisor Jim T. for writing this in to the campaign. Together we hit some amazing sales milestones. Thank you to all my supporters for backing me.

Too Much Megalomania?

“This kid is a textbook megalomanic. He is highly delusional and mentally unstable. He had a public meltdown recently when he engaged in the most ridiculous online battle with another promoter in town… He bragged about sex parties in Montecito on myspace. He is craaaaaZZZZZY!!!”

JMike’s response: I’m glad the campaign put this blog post up. I can’t stop laughing. There are strategies and there are tactics. The content of my critics is getting so good it’s SNL worthy. Is Kubrick behind the campaign? Come on. Really Santa Barbara? LOL